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Ceiling mounts create the right look for workstation space

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Ceiling mounts create the right look for workstation space
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An energy company in Houston wanted to suspend a large number of back-to-back flat screen LED displays directly above rows of manned workstations. They also wanted to install task lights below the displays as part of the overall look of the space. Exact alignment was required as the rows of displays would be very visible from common areas.


AVSIGroup of Houston installed the displays using PDC back-to-back mounts*, CMA330 offset ceiling plates and CMA504 Dual Electronic Outlet Couplers. The mounts provided the ability to suspend the displays back to back. The dual outlet accessory kept the space between the displays clean and open for the LED task lighting.


The rows look amazing and perfectly aligned with each edge/row square and true. The tilted displays provide great viewing angles for the operators while keeping their desk space clean and open.

*Chief discontinued the PDC series in June 2014, and now recommends Fusion back-to-back mounts for this type of application