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KT14x4.4B KRS -- 14x 1/3-inch Portable HDTV Lens Without Extender

Series: HDgc

Model: KT14x4.4B KRS

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The new KT14x4.4B KRS is designed as an affordable, yet high-performance portable wide-angle HD zoom lens for all brands of professional HD cameras using 1/3-inch imagers. The new KT14x4.4B KRS features a small and compact body and sophisticated features leveraged from Canon’s advances in high-end optical engineering. These include special optical coatings to minimize ghosting, flare, and other optical aberrations caused by strong light sources, and high MTF (Modulation Transfer Function; simply stated, a measure of lens sharpness and contrast detail performance) with no alteration in the lens’ maximum relative aperture throughout its entire zoom range. The KT14x4.4B KRS delivers the widest angle of view in its class, at 64.1 degrees in the 16:9 HDTV aspect ratio.
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